About Us

Charles T. Almond III is the individual that pioneered the IRS tax resolution business. He opened his nationwide practice in 1983 and has been helping taxpayers with every kind of IRS matter ever since.

Charles started his taxpayer representation while working in the Tax Department of Coopers and Lybrand, CPAs (now PricewaterhouseCoopers, CPAs). It was there Charles discovered there is no academic degree program anywhere that teaches the IRS process or anything about its inner procedural workings.

As the only firm representing clients in IRS audit and collection matters nationwide, Charles developed a unique perspective and mutually respectful partnership with the IRS and IRS personnel that he maintains to this day.

After 20 years operating without competition, Charles was fed up as one shady operator after another entered the tax resolution business. He was tired of them taking advantage of people frightened by the IRS. That was the impetus for he and his son to combine their talents and expertise and create a quick and efficient internet accessible service to help taxpayers who owed back taxes.

Possessing the unparalleled IRS know-how and the internet technology expertise, they established TaxClosure as the premier operator in tax resolution.

Charles holds an accounting degree from Georgia State School of Accountancy and law degree from Emory University. When he isn’t helping people get out from under their tax difficulties - you can find him sailing, playing tennis or tooling around on his motorcycle. Or, you might run into him playing drums with his classic rock band - most weeks when they rock at a local Atlanta venue.


Charles T. Almond IV has been designing and developing custom-built, high-performance web and business application systems since 1997.

His credentials include founding and serving as principal partner and chief application architect of a boutique software-consulting firm and lead architect for a division of one of the largest music companies in the world (Universal Music Group).

When it comes to IT strategy and development, Charles is not only knowledgeable, he’s deeply experienced. He’s (almost insanely) passionate about helping people put their back tax nightmares behind them.

Balancing his perfectionist work ethic with his easygoing, can-do attitude and personality, Charles, together with Steve Weaver designed and built the technology framework that powers TaxClosure.

Charles is based in Dallas where he’s recently moved with his wife and 5 year old son Quinn.

The slower Texas lifestyle has grown on him. He’s a private pilot, enjoying the big, uncrowded skies on weekends, when he’s not hanging out, meeting neighbors, making friends and of course, BBQing.

Charles holds a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems from the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Steve Weaver has been designing and developing technology for over three decades. He’s worked for many Fortune 500 companies, among them IBM, Vivendi Games, Allstate Insurance, Bank of America, and most recently Universal Music Group.

Steve and Charles have worked together over the last 16 years, and Steve joined the TaxClosure team in 2008. Having suffered his own tax headaches, Steve brings a unique perspective, compassion and understanding to his work.

Ever curious, Steve is always observing and learning from the Revenue Officers at TaxClosure. He and Charles built the intelligent behind-the-scenes computer processes TaxClosure uses to help clients resolve their back tax headaches quickly and effectively.

When he’s not at the keyboard, you’ll find Steve out hiking in the early morning hours to avoid the heat in his hometown of Palm Desert, CA. On the weekends, he’s usually kicking back, often out wine tasting with friends and family.

Steve holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University in Tempe.


Christine Young has worked for Charles Almond's firm Taxpayers Clinic for the last 27 years. She’s the one who holds down the fort and keeps the staff and our clients happy - a role she excels at and truly enjoys. You'd be hard pressed to find a better problem solver than Christine.

Christine finds it personally meaningful to see people get their lives back by achieving real resolution on their back taxes. It’s no small thing - she’s seen some genuine desperation experienced by people who owed the IRS, and the relief when they find a real solution can be profound.

When she's not championing TaxClosure clients, you'll find Christine out boating or hiking, or spending time with family, especially running around with her 3-year-old grandson, Lane.

She volunteers with Georgia Rural Water Association and can often be seen out and about with her two rescue dogs.

Christine graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in risk management.


Glenn Sugarman comes to TaxClosure from a 21 year career at the Better Business Bureau.

Interestingly, Glenn has personally seen many of the thousands of complaints about bad actors in the tax relief industry. By contrast, he’s continuosly amazed at how happy people are with their TaxClosure experience. He likes to say "It's like night and day, with the day being TaxClosure delivering real, honest relief. That’s something I can get behind."

TaxClosure is a perfect fit for Glenn’s problem-solving passion. He’s thrilled to be part of helping people put the worry of tax debt behind them so they can get on with enjoying their lives.

Glenn's role is to ensure every client has the absolute best possible experience with TaxClosure. Glenn is on the frontlines, talking with our clients, and says most resolutions seem to come out better than the client imagined. For Glenn, that’s the ultimate job satisfaction.

Travel is Glenn's other passion - he’s been to all 50 US states. His most recent fun project was creating the graphic design for and publishing his 83 year-old mother's very funny new book: Alas! Alaska: Are You Kidding? I'm Not Going. We know where Glenn got his sense of humor.

Glenn attended George Mason University in Fairfax, VA where he studied law.