Oldest Tax Relief Company

As the nation’s oldest professional firm devoted to the resolution of IRS collection matters, we are the acknowledged leaders in our field. We resolve your IRS problems quickly, efficiently and within proper ethical bounds.

Celebrating 33 years!

For 33 years, we have helped thousands of clients quickly and legally resolve back taxes owed to the IRS. We feel fortunate that we can help relieve the incredible anxiety that owing back taxes can place on you, your family and your business.

A+ with Better Business Bureau

TaxClosure has maintained the highest rating year after year with the Better Business Bureau. Most importantly, we are proud of our track record of success and the thousands of happy clients and friends we've made over the years.

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The TaxClosure Advantage

100% Former IRS Revenue Officers

Every member of the TaxClosure professional staff has spent over 25 years working at virtually every level inside the Collection Division of the IRS. They alone know the intimate details that give each and every taxpayer the successful resolution they desire.

TaxClosure Reviews

We cannot recommend them highly enough. If anyone has an IRS tax problem, please do not hesitate to call TaxClosure to finally get the help you need to guide you sincerely through the situation.

Jack California

My wife and I are deeply indebted to TaxClosure for assisting us in eliminating a five year nightmare. We strongly recommend the services TaxClosure can provide.

Dr. N Michigan

TaxClosure showed me that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and not just an oncoming train. I thought I would never find a solution for my tax problems, but luckily I found TaxClosure, which has helped me reclaim my life.

Cindy Atlanta

Least expensive

Our fees are a flat rate, one time only charge. That's because, after handling thousands and thousands of cases, we know how much time, manpower and resources need to be expended on each case to effect the optimum resolution. Our fees are always lower than these new, celebrity endorsed, tax relief companies that keep popping up on tv and radio.

Best Results

Since our staff are former Collection Division employees whose work experience inside the IRS averages 25 years, we understand the system and how it works. This allows us to help resolve your IRS problems quickly, efficiently and within proper ethical bounds. Our expertise in knowing exactly how to talk to the IRS Collection Division allows us to get you the best possible resolution for your back taxes – saving you money and allowing you to get your life back on track.